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What is Your Dream?

Have you ever considered volunteering abroad? During our adventures in Asia: 16 countries in 16 months, we did just that! We helped 1,000 kids, 12 communities & 12 organizations. Our dream was to travel around the world helping kids and underserved communities. So we asked some children in a rural school in Udaipur Rajasthan India […]

Panda Pandemonium

During our travel through 16 countries in 16 months we visited China; home to the infamous giant pandas! If you’d like to get close to these funny fur balls, then we recommend a trip to the Chengdu Research Base Giant Panda Sanctuary. Are you wondering how big they are and how much they weigh? A […]

Top 10 Travel Quotes to Inspire Your Adventures!

Yoga Teacher Training in the Magical Himalayas

In November 2016, during an epic world trip, I had an epiphany moment and decided to train to be a yoga instructor! I was already in Asia, and where better to train than in the birthplace of yoga itself; the Himalayas! The popular belief is that India is the birthplace of yoga. Little did I […]

A Bird’s Eye View: How to Travel Around the World with a Drone (and a husband)!

Have you ever thought about traveling around the world with a drone? Ever thought about travelling around the world with a husband (or significant other)? In October 2015,  I did just that! I set off on an epic trip around the world with my husband; and his beloved drone. To cut a long story short, […]