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We have visited Thailand on several occasions, mainly because Bangkok is one of the main airport hubs to get to other Asia destinations. We spent a couple of weeks in the south as tourists – in Koh Tao and Phi Phi kind of places – with friends and felt disappointed by the fact it has been spoilt by tourism. The locals seem to be fed up with Western tourists coming and making trouble. In the north, near Chiang Mai, we had a much more socially engaged and responsible tourism experience; helping to empower the indigenous Karen women from Burma, to prevent human trafficking, and elephant exploitation. We saw interesting contemporary architecture in Chiang Rai, namely the Black & White Temples. So we preferred the north! A little visit to Hua Hin, which was apparently the King’s favorite beach resort, was a welcome respite from the chaos of Bangkok.

Koh Tao

If you are new to scuba diving then we recommend Koh Tao for an inexpensive place to learn. Although the coral and marine life is pretty non existent, it’s a relaxing, yet touristy place, to enjoy! For the younger crowd it is most likely more appealing, but for us older timers we were not so […]

Chai Lai Sisters Chiang Mai

Working with Daughters Rising to help empower the indigenous Burmese Karen refugee women, we made a promo video and photos for Chai Lai Sisters; the first ever tour company in Thailand owned by Karen women. The Karen people live in the countryside of north Thailand close to Chiang Mai, and with the support of Chai […]