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Datong – on the border of Inner Mongolia – was our first stop arriving in China on our Trans-Siberian train journey. What an incredible experience arriving in this magical place, home to the Yungang Grottes where 1,000s of Buddhas are carved into caves. Here you can also see the Nine Dragon Wall, Wooden Pagoda, Hanging […]


The capital city Beijing is China’s political, economic, and cultural center. Beijing was our final stop on the Trans-Siberia/Mongolia train journey. This magical city is home to an array of historical and modern sites. From here you can visit The Great Wall, The Forbidden City, Tianamen Square, Temple of Heaven, the famous Hutongs, Longhe Yamasery […]


If you love pandas like we do on Planet Hero then you will love Chengdu: the famous home of giant pandas! Located in the west of Sichuan Basin – also known as the Heavenly State, it’s a place rich with natural resources. Giant pandas love to spend their time climbing trees, eating bamboo, or resting. […]


Fènghuáng is a truly magical city to visit in China. Her protective walls were built during the Ming dynasty. Fènghuáng is a breathtaking riverside settlement replete with ancient temples, winding alleys and stilt houses. Here you can see the Miao culture dressed in their beautiful costumes and attire. We were lucky to witness a festival […]


It’s a must to visit Leshan, home to the biggest stone carved Buddha in the world. It’s a a UNESCO site begun in 713 during the Tang Dynasty, and finished in 803; the statue took people over 90 years to carve. Thousands of workers helped in the construction of this great Buddha. Seeing is believing!